torsdag 17 augusti 2017

Introduction to Höglandsleden (E6 European Long-Distance Path)

About Höglandsleden in general it can be noted that only parts which overlap with E6 European long-distance path (and have thus been interesting for me to walk) are the ones going from Isaberg near Hestra (where I ended Gislavedsleden walk #2 between Gislaved and Isaberg) to near the border with Östergötland's county south of the lake Västra Lägern where it connects with Östgötaleden. There is no general website where the maps and information regarding Höglandsleden can be found. The information can instead be found on the relevant municipality websites. So what I will do now is to summarize where to find the information for the relevant parts of Höglandsleden (the distances mentioned below are for the most part based on measurements on the maps and might be off by a few kilometers).
The first parts of Höglandsleden (starting from Isaberg) goes through Gnosjö municipality. The general information about walking paths in Gnosjö can be found here. What is relevant in the case of Gnosjö is the part of Järnbärarleden from Isaberg to Kärringabacka which is roughly 10km long (although it is technically not part of Höglandsleden it is part of the E6 European long-distance path and serves as a connection between Gislavedsleden and Höglandsleden). Then Höglandsleden continues in Gnosjö municipality going from Kärringabacka to Berghem/Åsafors, which is a distance of approximately 17km. Next Höglandsleden continues through Vaggeryd municipality and the general information can be found here. The part of the trail from Berghem to Skillingaryd (near Grönelund) is about 25km long. Then the part between Skillingaryd (near Grönelund) and Hok (near Hokån at the height of L. Hässle) is about 31.2km long (see here, here and here). The last part going through Skillingaryd's municipality goes from Hok (as mentioned before) to the municipality border and is about 14.6km (see here). The next parts go through Nässjö municipality and the general information can be found here. The part going from the municipality border to Vikskvarn where Höglandsleden splits into two parts is about 17.6km long. Then from Vikskvarn to the road (national highways 31/40/47) near Lövhult the distance is about 25.2km. The final part of the Höglandsleden goes through Eksjö municipality and the information for this can be found here (only parts 1, 2 and 5 are relevant on the overview). The first part goes from the road by Lövhult and to Eksjö (which part of Eksjö they refer to on the website is unclear) and is about 1.7km+29km=30.7km, see here. The last two parts go from Eksjö to Klinten and from Klinten to Västra Lägern and south of Västra Lägern Höglandsleden joins with Östgötaleden (where E6 European long-distance path continues) and these two parts are together about 23km (10+13).

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